Bryan Soller


Apache Junction

City Council

My Fellow Residents

Dear residents of Apache Junction;

Hello, I recently learned about the opening for the Apache Junction City Council and I'm excited for the possible opportunity to further serve my community, especially the residents and businesses of A.J.

In 1989, I started my career in law enforcement with a small police department in Pennsylvania. In 1995, I was hired by the Mesa Police Department and relocated my family to Arizona. I’m still serving with the Mesa Police Department as a Lieutenant. Several years ago, my wife of 36 years and I moved to A.J. We love the area so much and value the small-town atmosphere, rich history, and beautiful views of the Superstitions. As far as education, I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration Interdisciplinary Studies from ASU and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from NAU.

It is a challenging time for all of us right now and we need firm, but compassionate leadership now more than ever. While the firm side of me comes from policing, the compassionate side I learned from raising three beautiful daughters and four grandchildren. I strongly believe that my education, supervisory experience, and fatherhood provided me a great public service foundation and skills to represent our community on the Apache Junction City Council.

I'm a firm believer in strong communication and will take a leading role to build transparent and positive relationships with our citizens, businesses, churches, and other groups within the City of Apache Junction. As a city council member, I will ensure we have continuous quality improvement and education for all departments and employees who work for the City of Apache Junction. The goal will be to make Apache Junction employees some of the most professional and well trained in Arizona. This will result in enhanced quality of service to our citizens and businesses, reduced liability to the city, and improved employee morale and career goals.

I look forward to speaking with you about running for Apache Junction City Council. I promise, I will work tirelessly for all of us to make Apache Junction glow like a Superstition Sunset.


Bryan G. Soller

Apache Junction Area Chamber of Commerence Candidate Forum

Please watch this informative forum to hear great information and get to know all of the candiates. As always please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions.